Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge {Review}

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge (or brush cleaner, if you will), is something that many Australian bloggers have been talking about, particularly since Daiso expanded their roots and sent a few more stores around the country. There is a reason for this, it is pretty great stuff.

Before purchasing a little bottle of this brush cleaner, I used to wash my makeup brushes with shampoo. Which is excellent, and great at cleaning your brushes, but not ideal if you have expensive shampoo that you don't want to waste! The little 80mL bottle of Daiso brush cleaner is admittedly probably not going to get you as many washes as a bottle of shampoo, but for $2.80, who cares? Plus, it cleans very well. I usually only need to put my makeup brushes through one wash with this cleaner, although occasionally if there is a lot of buildup on my foundation brush then it will need to be washed twice.

To wash brushes, run them bristles face down under some running water (you want to try and avoid the water getting into the base of the bristles, where the glue holds them together). Then, squirt a little brush cleaner into your paw, massage it well into the bristles, and rinse - bristles down - again. Lie your brushes flat on a piece of paper towel in a sunny spot to dry. Don't stick them in a jar etc. to dry, because you run the risk of the water running into the metal housing where the bristles are attached and softening the glue.

The other excellent reason for choosing a special brush cleanser is it can be softer on your brush, and help it to last. Washing using dish washing detergent or soap may be a little harsh on your makeup brushes (which is why I always used shampoo, because it is designed for human hair, so, you know). If you have a spare $2.80 and are heading past a Daiso store, I would definitely recommend picking up a little bottle of this. 

Just a little note: for those of you who don't know, Daiso is the Australian equivalent of a Japanese 100yen store. Everything in store is $2.80, and it has a huge range of personal care items, kitchen items, crafts, confectionery, garden items and cleaning products. Super handy, when everything is $2.80! 

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  1. I've been dying to try that brush cleanser for ages, but they always appear to be sold out at my Daiso :(

  2. Found this a month ago in Japan, believe me, it's really hard to find T___T Went to 7 Daiso and just got 2 hahaha~ Didn't find it in Singapore too, maybe I don't have any luck with this product (?) BTW, I'm from Indonesia ^^

    So well, tried and tested, and very happy with this detergent! My F80 is cleaaaaan now~ wahahaha~


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